Our Weather and Climate

"When shall we three meet again, in thunder, lightning, or in rain?"


Current Cascabel/Benson weather

Current Tucson radar


1) Additional references to our current weather conditions

2) Cascabel Area Weather & Climate: Local Weatherstation Summaries

The Elliott Weatherstation at Cascabel -- this site includes information on the Current Rain Year: Oct. through Sept., (Winter vs. Summer rainy seasons); Climatological Data Year by year, and month by month, 1983 to 2003 and continuing

Barbara Clark's Cascabel Clayworks River Station Monthly Report -- though primarily a report on San Pedro River conditions near the Teran Wash Confluence, this station includes temperature and precipitation data.

Saguaro Juniper Rain Gauge Updates -- periodic rain gauge information from our various uplands locations.

Talley (Teran Wash Confluence) -- this station includes data from as early as 1961 running through the end of 2001.

3) Seasonal Schedules: Monthly Changes in the Biome

4) Climatic Trends: Forecasts, patterns

Recent Reports on Regional & Global Trends

SW Monsoon patterns

El Nino/Southern Oscillation (NOAA diagnoses)

US Seasonal Drought Outlook

US Drought Monitor

5) Weather and Climate History of our area

SE AZ Climate History and the Vegetation Communities of the A-7 Ranch

Note: the above essay focuses on the Bellota Ranch area, and includes the history of climatic variabiity in SE AZ -- including seasonal rainfall, average annual termperature, and drought patterns, average annual streamflow of the San Pedro at Redington since 1895, etc.

Above: early morning Monsoon mist over the running San Pedro near Teran Wash, August 2005.

Above: this image shows the arrival of a fresh storm front coming from the West (from the left toward the right).

At the time, the high Cirrus ice-clouds were flowing from West to East (left to right), reflecting the direction of the jet stream; the Cumulus clouds were flowing from Southeast to Northwest (right to left), indicating the front edge of a counter-clockwise storm front which was approaching us from the West (driven by the jet stream).

Above: trail tank sunset after rain, October 1994


Cirrus clouds drift over the Yellow Cliffs, June 1994


Feather clouds over Lower Cottonwood Seep, April 1997


Cloudburst, Redington Pass, August 2001

Foamy flood runs down Lower Hot Springs Canyon following a local rain, July 2003

Getting wet in Sierra Blanca Canyon, September 2004


Above: Sunrise over the Notch, November 1996

Virga above the San Pedro Valley, July 1999

Afternoon Sun Ring, Hot Springs Canyon, December 2002


Tinaja pool January 1995, Cottonwood Seeps Wash


Storm over the Galiuros, January 2004


Clear sky over the Rincons, March 2004


Thunderhead over Sierra Blanca, September 1995


Above: Rainbow over Hot Springs Canyon, August 2005

Monsoon sunset over the Catalinas, August 2005

Storm clouds over Redington Pass, September 1997

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