Below: Harold Elliott

The weather station is located by our home at 6431 N. Cascabel Rd., and I started keeping weather records in January of 1983. At first, all I had was a cheap Max/Min thermometer and a small plastic rain gauge. Over the years I made gradual minor improvements to station capability such as obtaining a calibration thermometer to check out the max/min thermometer, and getting a larger and more accurate plastic rain gauge. The big improvement in capability came in 1998 when I bought a complete weather station, which I mounted about 75 feet from the house. All station data is transmitted (wireless) to a computer interface box which feeds data into the computer on demand or can store a month’s worth of data if necessary. Using computer software, it is possible to generate a big variety of graphs and tables of all the station measurements which include outside temperature, humidity, dew point, wind speed and direction, wind chill, barometric pressure, and rainfall.

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