The following pages provide a substantial (if somewhat sprawling) picture of what is known of the geology of our area. "Overview" gives a general, very cursory introduction, while a number of the subsequent pages listed below provide visual trips through a number of our local places. For a more coherently historical treatment of the geological times and forces that have shaped our lands, be sure to consult the pages below under the label "Geology Walk Discussions".

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A Beginner's Guide to SJ Geology

Geology Walk Discussions
Epochs and Processes in Our Area:

1) Age of the Earth; Sequences

2) Metamorphic core complexes and Detachment faulting

3) Basin-Range Faulting

4) More recent: closed and open drainages

5) Older Patterns: Willow Canyon Formation, Cascabel Formation, Thrust-faulting prior to 65 MYa

Trip up Hot Springs Canyon

Trip Up Teran Wash

Trip Up Pool Wash to the Northeast Corner

Cottonwood Seeps Wash and Basin

Sierra Blanca Canyon Wash area

Introductory Tour of the San Pedro Valley

Some Prominent Landscapes of Our Area

Credits and Bibliography

For more detailed map versions, see the various pages listed above.

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