We call this page "People" to reflect the fact that we include here not only Members (what we call "Associates") of Saguaro Juniper, but also people who (though not formally affiliated with our Corporation) are working with us on and around our lands. We will include in this page not only images but also both biographic information when this seems appropriate, and the ideas of those who wish to contribute.


Jim Corbett

The S-J Covenant












Below is an image from our very first Saguaro Juniper group visit to the Section 7 land in Hot Springs Canyon, taken in August of 1988. We were having lunch near the ruin of the old Bennett Homestead. See this link: Late History.

Nancy Ferguson is standing at left, Tom Orum peeks behind the bush, Terry Howland sits beside Nancy, Pat Corbett in the middle, Dana Deeds at right.

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