The Confluence of Sierra Blanca Spring
and Sierra Blanca Canyon Wash

Below left: October 16, 2000, looking out into Sierra Blanca Canyon Wash after the first flood of that month. Note how the Deer Grass is deflected downstream (to the right). Below right; October 25, 2000 after the second, and even more substantial flood. Note how the second flood has deposited a bank of silt amidst the deer grass just right of the pool, near where Tom and Michael had been standing. Much silt deposition also occurred in the grasses upstream from this point.


Below: looking upstream at the Confluence in Sept. 1999. Note the cattails in the pool, on the right.

Below: looking upstream at the Confluence in December 2002, during severe drought. The pool is dry and the cattails shriveled, the course of the stream trench more visible.

Below left: Cattails growing in SB Canyon Wash above the Confluence, Aug. 2001. Below center: view upstream from just above the Confluence, Feb. 1999. Below right: February 1996.


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