Above: San Pedro River gallery forest, viewed from lower Soza Mesa near Cascabel. Cottonwoods and willows are just leafing out in March 2003. In the foreground, paloverde- and creosotebush-covered slopes, with scattered saguaro cacti in the mid-distance.

The San Pedro River Valley

Viewers please note: in 2007 this series of web pages, addressing this river system from a broad perspective, was first conceived and constructed in order to address the issue of the Arizona Department of Transportation's 2007 proposal to build an I-10 Bypass Highway through the San Pedro River Valley. This proposal has now officially been discarded as far as the Middle San Pedro Watershed is concerned (though the Aravaipa portion in the Lower San Pedro remains in potential jeopardy). We are therefore broadening the scope of our educational aims, seeking to cover a wider range of information with a focus primarily on the portion of the valley of greatest concern to us, the Middle San Pedro. Given that aim, we now offer viewers two alternatives to follow. The first is our new, more diversified coverage of the valley, while the second provides the original webpages, which were aimed primarily at opposing a Bypass. Herewith, two choices for readers/viewers:

The San Pedro River Valley

The San Pedro River Valley (2007-2008 version, opposing the Bypass)

And with regard to the latter, see also

I-10 Bypass Information (Cascabel Working group)

Daniel Baker Report to ADOT Sep. 21, 2007