Station no. 10 - - The Lower Zig


The "Lower Zig" is so-named because the "Zig" of the Zig-Zag Bend (which is clearly visible on our maps -- see Back) actually includes two min-zigs, the lower of which is partly visible in both of these next photos -- on the left below, at far left in lower-mid-photo, on the right below, also in lower-mid-photo but nearer to the center of the picture). In the January 1996 photo, riparian trees are sprouting up (though deciduous, hence less noticeable in the image);by the November 2002 photo, the new trees almost obscure the Narrows.

January 1996 ........................................................ November 2002



Below, a recent image (October 2001) of the Lower Zig bend up close and as seen from just a few feet downstream. As you can see, the stream runs into a very solid piece of Willow Canyon cliff-face here.

The Upper left quadrant of the photo above shows a small portion of the promontory marking the left-bank bend of the Zig as a whole. This promontory contains the great Cottonwood tree shown with the red arrow in the two comparison photos shown on the previous page (no. 09). Here is another view of this promontory from downstream (in April 2000):