Geological Cross-section: Hot Springs Canyon area

[Note: this page is under construction.]

This cross-section is taken from Goodlin (1985) and Mark (1985). It is marked as B-B' on their combined map. B-B' runs roughly from SW to NE, bisecting Hot Springs Canyon at the point of the Cretaceous Intrusion just above the Soza Mesa Fault near the Red Trail. (See Plates 4 & 5 in Hot Springs Wash and Canyon.)

Note the many question marks indicating the tentative nature of the model.

The three major faults are shown clearly here. The keys to the coded identifications of strata are as follows:

T = Tertiary, K = Cretaceous;

Tq = Quiburis ----- Tsm = San Manuel ------ Tg = Galiuro Volcanics;

(pale beige ---------- orange ----------------------------------------- pink)

Kb = Willow Canyon; Ki = Cretaceous intrusive; Kc = Cascabel

(pale orange --------------------------- very pale pink --------------------- yellow )