Banner image adapted from Steadman, DW and Martin, PS, "Extinction of Birds in the Late Pleistocene of North America" In Quaternary Extinctions: A Prehistoric Revolution, Martin PS and Klein RG editors., Univ of Arizona press, Tucson, 1984.





San Pedro Valley Flora during the Pleistocene

Some Late Pleistocene, Now-Extinct Fauna of the Southwest

New Evidence on Pleistocene Extinctions and the Clovis/Folsom Cultural Transition

Archaeology of the San Pedro River Valley

An Ancient Native American Trail in the Cascabel Basin

Some Early Historic Maps of the San Pedro River Valley

Fr. Eusebio Kino's visits to the San Pedro (1692, 1695, 1697: the Eastern Sobaipuri and their fate)

Late Historic Maps of the San Pedro River Valley

From Cienegas to Gallery Forests: 19th- to 20th-Century Changes on the San Pedro River

Changing Sonoran Vegetation mid-19th century to 1960

Late History: Mary Taylor's Cascabel Account

Late History: San Pedro River/Hot Springs Canyon

From Desert to Sky Island: Forrest Shreve (1915) to Peter Warshall (2008)