Fencing for Better Grazing Control

[Note: this page is out of date. We hope to update it soon.]

Our neighbors have been very conscientious in helping us maintain our shared fencelines. Since obtaining our land and our leases, we have built a series of fences to divide pastures for greater control of where and when our cattle graze specific areas. Below are a few illustrations.

Below: building our gated fence at the Rabbit Ears Saguaro Hill, Hot Springs Canyon, May 1996


Below: building a gated fence at the Yellow Cliffs, Hot Springs Canyon, March 1997.

Below: fencework below Sierra Blanca Spring, February 1996.

Below left: rebuilding gate and corner at South Drinker fence, October 2002; below right: work party resting at new fenceline and gate above Sierra Blanca Spring, December 2002.


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