Saguaro Juniper
Natural Grass-fed Beef


SAGUARO-JUNIPER NATURAL BEEF is produced by a group of families dedicated to a healthy environment, working together on range and pasture land in the San Pedro Valley.

NATURALLY HEALTHY- Our cattle are raised in a clean, low-stress environment with plenty of exercise.  For that reason, we neither need nor use the antibiotics or hormones routinely found in conventional beef production.  Also, our grass-fed beef is generally lower in saturated fat and higher in other beneficial nutrients.

WE ARE LOCAL.  We live about 40 miles as the crow flies from Tucson and we offer the beef for pickup cut, wrapped and frozen in both Tucson or Willcox.  Everything our cattle eat is a local plant product. 

DIRECTLY FROM US TO YOU.  Most grocery store beef has passed from the rancher’s care as calves… to “stocker” operators… to feedlot operators… to meat packers… to grocery stores.  These steps put stress on the cattle and distance between you and your beef.

PRESERVE OPEN SPACE.  When you purchase our beef, you support small scale, local food production and a vital rural farm. For more information on our policies in relation to beef production, "grass finishing", and land values, see this link: Grazing and Land Restoration on Saguaro Juniper Lands.

ECONOMY.  Ecologically responsible family and ranches are a life-affirming alternative to urban sprawl and destruction of wild land.

WE CARE FOR CATTLE.  For us, every steer is an individual living creature. Our care exceeds Humane Sustainable Agriculture (HSA) standards. We personally deliver the animals to be processed by a small, family owned packing house of the highest quality. 

WE COEXIST WITH NATURAL PREDATORS. We manage our herd to minimize predation. However, predators such as mountain lions are protected, even if they attack livestock.



PLANNING.  A split half (a quarter) will require about 3.5 to 4 cubic feet of freezer space.  Most refrigerator-freezers can accommodate a split half if filled completely.   Remember to order enough to meet your needs for at least half a year as beef is generally available in late fall and spring only.  In our experience, a family of two eating beef once or twice a week will consume half a steer annually.

CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS. The size of your order determines how much flexibility you have with customizing features such as choosing steak thickness. Maximum flexibility is available with the purchase of a half or whole steer.  With an order of a quarter you may decide whether you would like your stew meat, soup bones, and short ribs converted to ground beef.  Also, whether you would like liver, heart, or dog bones (for large dogs).  The steak thickness will be a standard 1 in. for sirloin and T-bone steaks and ¾” for round and rib steaks.  With the purchase of a split half (a quarter) you will receive a standard mixture including all cuts with a choice about organ meats.  If you have a special request for a cut of beef not mentioned here, let us know and we’ll see if we can provide it.

WE REMAIN DIRECTLY accountable to you for all the costs, as well as the quality of our beef.  Expect leaner, full flavored beef.




Consumer protection regulations make it easiest for us to sell interests in live animals.  However, for financial planning purposes, figure the average price of beef at about $7.50/ lb. A steer that weighs 1000 pounds will cost about $700 for a quarter. Because our steers vary in weight, the actual price for a quarter will generally vary from $650-800.

An average quarter beef contains (in pounds):

chuck roast 9
tip roast 3
arm roast 3
rump roast 2
pikes peak roast 2
short rib 16.5
ground beef 19
soup bones 7.5
stew meat 10.5
rib steak 6
T-bone 7
Round steak 11
Sirloin steak 7

Total 103.5

(The total weights can vary from approximately 80 to 125 pounds.)

Please note that the distribution of these amounts may vary. Customers may indicate whether they prefer a smaller or larger animal. Also, some customers prefer to have the meat from any or all of the following converted into ground beef:

Short Ribs
Soup Bones
Stew Meat

If you convert these cuts to ground beef, then your price per pound will be higher than that indicated on the web page.

This is natural product and it is available seasonally.  Our beef is generally available in late fall and spring, but order as soon as you’re able, as supply is limited and we must plan ahead.

1. Fill out the order form with deposit ($50 per quarter or $100 per half).

2. We will contact you to confirm receipt.  Later we'll mail you a cut sheet to customize your order if you are ordering a ¼ or more.

We offer a mixture of T-bone, sirloin, rib and round steaks, rump and arm roasts, stew meat, short ribs, soup bones and ground beef.








I would like to order (check one):

___ Quarter interest -- $2.00/lb. live weight. Plus meatpacking charges. (about 85 to 105 lbs. of beef)

___ Half interest -- $2.00/lb. live weight. Plus meatpacking charges.  (about 170-210 lbs. of beef).

Pickup in Tucson ___ or Willcox ___.

Mail to: SJ Beef c/o Tom Orum, 1125 East Linden Street, Tucson AZ 85719, phone (520-833-1463). Contact by email: torum@email.arizona.edu.  

PLEASE REMEMBER, this is a small, family business.  We will take time to respond to your contacts.

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