Erik Revere's Garden, Lower Hot Springs Canyon

Below, a view of Erik's garden from the second terrace overlooking the floodplain, March 6, 2008: (click on each image for a better view)

Below, garden entrance from the floodplain side, March 6, 2008. At right rear, rockwork greenhouse under construction. Oats, wheat and garlic are visibly greening out. Behind the gate are regular oats.

Below, Erik's rockwork greenhouse nearing completion, May 25, 2008. Notice the vent at the far left of the rockwork structure (left of the not-yet-installed door), which will be driven by a solar-powered fan running from the rear of the building. Note also the remarkable quality of Erik's rockwork, a trademark of his construction craftsmanship.

Below, a view of the interior.

Below, These are "Naked" or hull-free oats & wheat planted in rectangular beds, March 6, 2008. (Click on the image for a better one.)

Below, ripening Naked or hull-free Oats in these beds, May 25, 2008:

Below, this fallow plot on March 6 was soon to be planted with tomatoes and watermelons.

Below, Erik's Cold Frame on March 6.

Below, Wheat and onions in March.

Below, garlic, onions and peas. New trees are in the background by shed.

Below, More garlic. (Erik's garlic is magnificent.)

Below, Erik in front of his storage shed, May 25, 2008. (Click on the image for a better one.)

Below, happy recipient of a gift of garlic and onions from Erik, May 25, 2008.