Spring Flowers Saguaro Juniper April 5, 2010

[Note: click on the links if you wish to see closer images]

The pictures below were taken by Arni Sveinsson and myself, all of them at Henderson Knoll in lower Hot Springs Canyon. This first image shows mainly the blue lupine at bottom center, the purplish-blue phacelia just left of center, mostly white chicory scattered left to right across the middle, and the yellow Mexican Poppy above the lupine.

Below, this image is noteworthy for the rather dense cluster of pincushions dominating the whole.

These below are pretty obvious (the white cluster in the center is all chicory).

This image below is quite remarkable for its dense cluster of blue dicks running across the center. While these lavender beauties sprout in bunches, we've mostly seen them more scattered. (The stronger blue tones visible here are phacelia flowers out of focus in the left-center background.)

Pincushions on the left, mexican poppies on the right:

This image below, looking upslope just east of Henderson Wildtower (we favor slightly absurd names), is dominated by you-know-what. If you go to that link, you will see in that page a view of hillsides smeared with (mainly) these flowers on May 12, 2005. This year's clusters don't look that dense, but this is only early April.....

Below, a cluster of one of my personal favorites, the diminutive wooly daisy:

and stickleaf is also well-represented in this flowery scene:

Below, Arni captured this beautiful spray which includes the bright red-orange desert globemallow and also the vertically-serial-blooming, purple-blue chia:

We managed to get a fairly decent closeup image of one of these distinctive chia flowers: