Redfern-Grand Canyon-Bryce

July 2009 Geology Trip: Grand Canyon to Zion to Bryce

The banner diagram above is adapted from the book by Ron Redfern, Corridors of Time (Time Books 1967), and summarizes geological geography from south (the Grand Canyon, at far left) to north (Bryce Canyon area, at upper far right), the whole area forming part of the vast Colorado Plateau. In July of 2009, Helen and I, with Judy Warner (formerly a graduate student of mine and Helen's and a research assistant to Helen, now a Professor of Sociology at Texas A&M International in Laredo TX) decided to explore that part of the Colorado Plateau lying between the Grand Canyon and Bryce, with an eye to understanding the geological history of the area as far as we could. The following pages chronicle our experience.

We note here that the vegetation of this region is very beautiful in itself (geology aside), witness the Cliff Rose bushes growing along the Grand Canyon's South Rim below. We will however focus entirely on the rock formations in this report.

Cliffrose in bloom

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The Grand Canyon

To Vermillion Cliffs Zion and Bryce