Rain Year Data (2002-2008)

A "Rain Year" differs from a calendar year in being drawn to distinguish between the two distinct rainy seasons occurring in our Sonoran Desert: the Winter Rains, which begin in October and run through May, and the Summer Rains, which begin in June and run through September. The significance of this distinction derives from the fact that the two rainy seasons have different meteorological sources and involve different patterns of rainfall (the Summer season being associated with our Southwestern "Monsoon" pattern of localized heavy-rainfall thunderstorms). Thus our "Rain Year" begins in October of one calendar year and ends in September of the next.

Rain Year data: 2002-2003

Rain Year data: 2003-2004

Rain Year data: 2004-2005

Rain Year data: 2005-2006

Rain Year data: 2006-2007

Rain Year data: 2007-2008