Fenceline Drinker (and nearby earthen dam)

We built the Fenceline Drinker in January of 2001. It straddles the fence which divides our Cascabel Pasture grazing lease in Section 2 from Saguaro Juniper deeded land in Section 1, thus enabling us to move cows into either pasture according to needs and conditions. We walked the two tanks down the wash below the Strawbale Ridge Road rather than driving a motorized vehicle to the fenceline:

Installing the drinker tank at the fenceline (the water is solar-pumped from a well near Cascabel Road):

The storage tank was carried down-wash in the same way, and installed uphill from the drinker:

More work is underway to provide exclusion fencing for the drinker (details will be added below). There is also an independent but adjacent earthen dam nearby, which has water after the rains: