Purplenerve Springparsley (Cymopterus multinervatus)

Family: Apiaceae

On March 24, 2010, Nancy Ferguson, Tom Orum, and Elaine Nakash encountered this plant near the Red Tank, east of Sierra Blanca Canyon Wash. "Cymopterus multinervatus is a species of flowering plant in the carrot family known by the common name purplenerve springparsley. It is a perennial herb native to the southwestern United States, including the desert regions. It is stemless, producing leaves and inflorescence at ground level from a taproot. The leaves are erect on petioles of a few centimeters in length, with a fleshy blade dissected into waxy multilobed leaflets. The inflorescence arises on a stout purple or greenish peduncle up to about 14 centimeters tall. At the top is a rounded cluster of purple flowers sheathed in purple-veined bracts." [This text is copied from a Wikipedia source. See this link and click on "Photo Gallery" for more images: Cymopterus multinervatus.]

Wikipedia lists 9 species in the genus Cymopterus, all of which are commonly known as "Spring Parsleys". A quick look at their geographical distribution suggests a center in the California-Nevada portions of the Mohave Desert.